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Peace of mind for caregivers, loved ones, and service providers

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

A caregiver or service provider, a "Doer" - the person that will do the activity - creates an activity like "Meal delivery to Mrs. Jones" on the Pruvie site and then starts checking in. Checking in means posting photos and geolocation stamps during the activity.

Doers share activity Check-ins with a family members ("Reviewers") as early as their first Check-in.

The primary caregiver, family member, or other invited "Reviewer" views Check-ins that have been shared with them.

How do I get started...

...if I'm a care/service provider "Doer" (I deliver meals or drive a senior to appointments)?

Register, create a "Doer" Profile, and you're ready to create your first activity and start checking-in:

If you provide services for multiple people (e.g. Deliver meals to Mrs. Jones, Mr. Sanchez, Ms. Brown, etc.), create a separate activity for each so you can share their meal delivery check-ins with only their family members.

...if I'm a family member "Reviewer" that wants to make sure my loved one's service was provided?

Register on the site. Then let your service providers ("Doers") know you'd like to view Check-ins for activities they do for your loved one. Your service provider might be a meal delivery driver, a caregiver at a resident facility that administers daily medication, a rideshare driver, or anyone that provides a service that you want to review. Once they've created their activity, they can post photo or geolocation Check-ins each time they provide a service to your loved one. They can share the activity with you by email and you can view their Check-ins on Pruvie as often as you'd like.

What is an activity?

An activity is the most granular level that can be shared, so create it based on the service recipient as well as who you'll be sharing check-ins with. For example, if you deliver meals for 10 individuals, even if they're all on behalf of organization, you would create 10 activities because you will share Check-ins for each activity with a family member of the meal recipient.

An activity can be a series of events, like delivering meals to Mrs. Jones every Monday or can be a one-time event like volunteering to drive a senior to a single appointment - if that is what you want to share.

What is a check-in?

Check-ins are photos or geolocation posts related to an activity. You post a photo and/or your location just before, during, or after an event to build confidence that you were there. The event would be a single meal delivery to a senior or a ride to an appointment.

Check-ins can be shared with multiple interested parties, like a senior's loved ones, or a volunteer coordinator or staffing manager.

So, here's the full process: A care or service provider "Doer" creates an activity and then checks in to the activity with photos and geolocation stamps. For a “Meal Delivery to Mrs. Jones” activity, the provider could take a photo with Mrs. Jones as they deliver the meal and use that to check-in during the delivery. They might also post multiple check-ins for a single event, like sharing their geolocation and a photo when they arrive and as they deliver the service. The Doer shares Check-ins with family members and other interested parties ("Reviewers"), by sharing the overall activity with the family member or reviewer's email address. Once shared, the family member can view all of the check-ins for the activity any time.

How much does it cost?

Get started for free! See more here.

What data are you sharing about me?

You choose what to share with whom. If you invite someone to view your Check-ins for an activity, we'll grant view access to that email address.

What else is coming?

We're still working on a lot of features, but we'd like to hear from you - let us know what you'd like to see.

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